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Young Rider, July/August 2019

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Pet Central/, May 2019

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Young Rider, March/April 2019

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Boarding Facility
Pet Central/, February 2019

Riding Through Heartbreak
Horse Illustrated, November 2018

U.S. Show Jumping Team Wins WEG Gold, September 2018

All the Gold to Great Britain in WEG Eventing, September 2018

U.S. Reiners Win Team Gold on Day One of the FEI World Equestrian Games Tryon 2018, September 2018

Archery on Horseback
Young Rider, September/October 2018

Equine Entrepreneurs: Pony Style
Young Rider, March/April 2018

Safety Vests for Equestrians
Young Rider, January/February 2018

The Henry Clay Student Congress, September 2017

Education Matters: Financial Aid Call-in, September 2017

The Importance of Wearing an Equestrian Safety Vest
Phoenix Performance, May 2017

Michael Jung and fischerRocana FST Win the 2017 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event, April 2017

New Glamping Option Lets Equestrian Fans Attend Rolex in Style, January 2017

How to Clean and Care for Country Boots, January 2017

Horses Learn to Communicate Blanket Preferences with Symbols, September 2016

Michael Jung and fischerRocana FST win their second consecutive Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event, May 2016

40 Years of Hot-Button Issues
Horse Illustrated, April 2016

Hair Whorls Give a Clue to Horses’ Spooking Behavior, March 2016

40 Years of Horse Illustrated
Horse Illustrated, January 2016

Riding Lessons, Leasing, or Owning a Horse
Your New Horse, 2015

A Wild Horse in the Dressage Arena, November 2015

Morgans for Everyone
Horse Illustrated, September 2015

Equine Economics
Your New Horse, 2014

Talking to the Animals
Horse Illustrated, October 2014

Criminal Acts against Horses and What You Can Do to Prevent Them, July 2014

The Treasure of Brazil
Horse Illustrated, May 2014

Too Heavy to Ride?
Horse Illustrated, February 2014

Getting Ready for the Games: Endurance, January 2014

Senior Horses: Aged to Perfection
Horse Illustrated, December 2013

Photoset: Twilight Polo in Downtown Lexington, September 2013

The Hidden Costs of Horse Ownership
Your New Horse, 2013

Find the Right Riding Helmet
Your New Horse, 2013

Fieracavalli in Three Minutes, June 2013

Health Care for a New Foal, June 2013

Square up for Showmanship
Horse Illustrated, April 2013

Before You Buy: What to Expect from a Pre-purchase Exam, February 2013

Saddle Seat Divisions Decoded
Horse Illustrated, January 2013

Who Said That? Probably Not Winston Churchill, January 2013

Four Seasons of Horsekeeping
Horses USA, 2012

Showmanship Success
Horse Illustrated, June 2012

Perfecting Patterns
Horse Illustrated, January 2012

Show Day Survival Guide
Horses USA, 2011

Saddle Seat Equitation: Form to Function
Horse Illustrated, March 2011

Slideshow: Mustang Troop at the Kentucky Horse Park, October 2010

Guide to Horse Hoof Problems, October 2010

Tack Care Basics
Horses USA, 2010

First U.S. Sustainable-Business Tax Incentive, May 2010

How to Train Your Saddle Seat Horse at Home
Horse Illustrated, September 2009

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Treating an Abscess, October 2008

Maine Morgan Horse Show Celebrates 55 Years
Saddle Horse Report, July 2007

Vermont Spring Classic Horse Show
Saddle Horse Report, June 2007